How To Style and Incorporate Whiskey Barrels Into Your Wedding

We are such suckers for any rustic cabin or barn weddings trend, and we currently cannot get enough of the whiskey barrel craze. They are entirely versatile and complement any vision. The amount of uses and ways to style whiskey barrels at weddings are endless!

By adding glass in between two barrels, the perfect bar or beverage station is created. Drink menus with painted calligraphy look perfect propped against the front. Display your signature cocktail, and feature the bride and groom's go to drink. Overflowing greenery goes a long way in creating that balance between rustic and elegant. Crates, wood slabs, lanterns, mason jars, and glass bottles are all décor that complement the whiskey barrels.

Bar & menu.jpg

We love seeing weddings with an interactive aspect, such as a Whiskey Tasting Area. Amp up your cocktail hour by setting up a corner of your reception space with a whiskey barrel bar, and offer samples of your favorite whiskey or bourbon. Whiskey and cigar bars go seamlessly with this style wedding, and give the groom and groomsmen their own domain during the reception.

Replace your high top cocktail tables with a whiskey barrel, and instantly add a rustic charm to your dance floor. Decorate them with flowers or a centerpiece, and your guests can use the barrels to sit their drinks while they join the party. Barrels also make for a dramatic cake or dessert table.

Barrell as high top .jpg

Whiskey barrels can be incorporated into your outdoor ceremony as well! Barrels look stunning framing the aisle way, or used as a table for a welcome sign. Invite your guests to sign in, and grab a fan or program from on top of the barrel.

welcome .jpg

Practical, versatile, and trendy! Barrels can also be used to add décor and fill a room. Top with oversized floral arrangements, lanterns, greenery, and mason jars. Add lace or roses to give the barrels a romantic and feminine feel. All budget friendly, but you would never know it!

The possibilities are endless! Our venue offers whiskey barrel rentals for weddings and events at The Hermitage. Let your coordinator know if you are interested!