Winter Weddings

3 Unusual Color Palettes to Inspire Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings have the potential to be beautifully designed, beyond the cliché winter palettes. Plaid, navy, white, or black are classic staples for this time of year, but surprise your guests with something unexpected, and make your wedding stand out from the rest.

1. Emerald & Gold

Incorporate emerald and gold into your winter wedding to create a classy and elegant atmosphere for your black tie wedding. Gold details continue to be trending season to season, and we cannot get enough. Don't shy away from mixing shades of green.

Adding in a navy accent gives the color scheme an unexpected twist, and an even more formal and traditional feel. Be inspired by the evergreen & winter berries of a winter landscape, but make it your own by putting an unusual twist on the average winter wreath.

2. Plum & Black

Dark and moody winter colors, such as plum and black create a rich and sophisticated vibe. This color combination is unexpected for a wedding, which stays memorable for guests long after the night is over. We love this look is perfect for a chic bride.

Mixed metals feel edgy when combined with the dark elements of the color palette. Black candles and winter textures, such as velvet, create a rich ambiance.

3. Burgundy & Blush

A romantic color scheme of burgundy and blush is a little out of the ordinary, but works to combine glamourous with a delicate and feminine touch.

Blush tones are typically considered a spring or summer color palette, but in contrast with dark winter colors, blush has a new and different feel.As the 2017 Pantone color of the year, greenery continues to be on trend through 2017 into the New Year, and we aren't seeing signs of it stopping.Cozy winter textures and champagne tones go well with this theme, as well as fur wraps for brides and bridesmaids.

As we head into December, we cannot wait to see what color palettes our winter brides dream up!