What is your wedding theme?

A wedding style is something that every wedding has. It’s not “stylish”- it is a style. Often times a wedding style is an adjective- romantic, vintage, rustic, whimsical, etc.   It’s because a wedding’s style is what defines it- plain and simple. A wedding style is a necessary part of wedding planning because it helps you to define all other elements of your wedding-  decor, type of reception, food, music and on and on. Your wedding style will also help you when trying to convey to other vendors what your wedding vision is. Trust me on this- you absolutely WANT to define your wedding style!

1. Vintage

What we love most about Vintage weddings is they never go out of style, and quite honestly we can't get enough of them! Whether you love 1930's Art Deco and Great Gatsby-style luxury, or prefer a more homespun 1940's look, a vintage wedding theme always looks great.

Here are just a few of our favorite vintage ideas we have seen from our brides: 


2. Rustic

We like to think that we specialize in the rustic world, and now more than ever farm weddings have never been more popular! Our world famous historic southern mansion and rustic cabin make the ideal background for all the rustic charm. 

Here is a showcase of some rustic charm our brides have brought in to make our venue shine:


3. Romantic

Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Some of our brides have showed us some romantic ideas for their fairy tale come to life.


4. Whimsical

Extravagant and playful, the whimsical wedding theme varies greatly by definition. Whimsical weddings run from magical, pixie style weddings to over-the-top and naturally dreamy! 

Your wedding decor, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. No matter what theme you have in mind for your wedding, we hope these ideas and inspirations can help make your vision a reality!