Featured Wedding: Katie & Jace

Katie and Jace celebrated their fall wedding at the Cabin by the Spring. It was the perfect setting for their rustic, country style. Katie looked absolutely stunning in her strapless lace wedding dress and Jace’s dark jeans and chambray shirt complimented her perfectly. The bridesmaids mismatched golden yellow dresses and burgundy shoes added just the right amount of colorful pop to tie everything together. Together with the groomsmen matching Jace, this group looked great! I can’t forgot to mention the ring bearers in their vests and Chuck Taylors. They were absolutely adorable!

For their ceremony and reception, Katie and Jace kept their decorations clean and simple. Her bouquet was beautiful and full of white hydrangeas and greenery. They chose to stick with the natural tones and pops of glitter. The glittery aspects alongside the rustic decor truly captured the essence of this couple and was so fun!

My favorite thing about this couple was how obvious it was how in love they were. Just look at these pictures! So happy to be a part of their big day. Congratulations Katie & Jace!

czerwinski 3.jpg

"My wedding day was more beautiful than I could imagine. The event staff transformed the space into exactly how I imagined, and the some! As a flower child, the Cabin by the Spring was a perfect space to blend my free spirit, boho style with my husband's love for the outdoors. The Hermitage staff were so kind and helpful, making me feel like a queen all day. I thank them for creating a flawless day. My husband and I had a tremendous time and will look back on our wedding day as the best day of both our lives" -Katie, the bride


Photography: Kristen Speer Photography

Planning/Venue: The Hermitage- Cabin by the Spring

Catering: Edly's BBQ

Cake: The Painted Cupcake



The Toilet: Your Wedding's Unspoken Hero

Photo by Felix Andre Skulstad

Photo by Felix Andre Skulstad

I won’t lie, I love a nice bathroom. Bathrooms are like life’s little rest stops; they afford small breaks for you to relax and collect yourself. If you’re female, they allow for some fantastic bonding moments as we can never seem to go to them alone. So today, I’d like us all to take some time to think and appreciate the wiz palaces at our weddings.

First, as a bride, you should definitely give some thought to the restrooms at your wedding venue. This is the place where you and your closest bridesmaids will be undertaking the herculean task of holding up your dress while you try to relieve yourself while not being able to see the commode. So… make sure there’s more than one restroom because you never know how long that will take. Then make sure that there’s at least one stall that can hold four of you standing at once. Don’t you already feel more grateful for that commonplace piece of porcelain?

Second, think about all the ways (beyond the obvious) that bathrooms will help your guests. When your Cousin Sarah’s new baby is wailing for a diaper change, the bathrooms come to the rescue. When Uncle Pat gets chocolate icing all over himself, the bathrooms come to the rescue. When one of your bridesmaids needs to have a very intense, very private conversation with her friend about the fact that she’s still single, the bathrooms come to the rescue. Your guests will appreciate that you’ve made the restrooms as comfortable as possible for their moments of crisis.

This leads us to the fact that restrooms are a popular place at weddings. Everyone will visit them at some point that day. Because of that, I think it’s fun to include them in your decorating plan as well. Add a flower arrangement, a basket of supplies (hairspray, deodorant, etc), or even some cute bathtub baby photos of you and your groom on the countertops of your venue’s restrooms. Since everyone will end up washing their hands (we hope), the bathroom countertop is a great place to decorate!

Going to the bathroom isn’t something most folks think about when planning or attending a wedding, but it’s one of the most vital aspects of them. So let’s stop forgetting about that important little antechamber and start celebrating it. Hooray for the humble toilet!