Wedding China

Okay brides, today we’re going to delve a little bit into wedding history. Specifically wedding china. And, no, I don’t mean Chinese wedding traditions (although I’m sure that would be interesting). I’m talking about plates and bowls and platters.

Wedding registries have been around since Macy’s invented the first in 1926. It was a way of letting the wedding couple choose their style of gifts and simplifying the shopping for wedding guests. One of the most popular items to register for was china that the newlyweds would be using for all their dinner parties and hosted events. Couples chose a formal china that reflected their personal styles. Their “wedding china” would be an heirloom they could pass down to their children.

Fast forward to present day, where most couples do register for plates, but they’re much more utilitarian and for everyday use. The plates my husband and I registered for are simple white china plates, and they just as often have pizza on them as they do a home-cooked meal. Wedding china, however, is starting to make a comeback as couples think about hosting Thanksgiving dinners and other formal events throughout their lives. It’s a great, historic wedding tradition that is actually functional! My favorite kind!

I recommend picking a classic white dish with some sort of metallic accent; it will never go out of style, and you can add in colorful or seasonal plates whenever you want! If you’re thinking about registering soon, check out some of these amazing dishes as options for your wedding china:

For the monogram-lovers:

The Pickard Etrusca Dinnerware Collection is available through Williams Sonoma, and is perfect for a true Southern belle. The gold pattern is vaguely equestrian, and you can add your new monogram to all your dishes! Williams Sonoma has the option to add your monogram to several different collections, so if this one isn't quite right there's probably one that's closer to your style.


For the cheerful diner:

This Kate Spade Sugar Pointe style, along with other Kate Spade collections, is available through Lenox. Some gals like the classic Kate Spade polka dots or bow patterns (which are available in her china collections), but I think the very delicate, silver scalloped edge of these plates adds the perfect touch of happiness without being too juvenile! 


For the Anglophile:

This Lenox Lace Couture Collection is ideal for anyone who dreams of formal teas and meals with all the proper cutlery. If you're looking to bring a modern Downton Abbey feel to your meals, this is the perfect dinnerware set for you. It's sophisticated and understated, but unparalleled in elegance.


For the modern designer:

Only Monique Lhullier could've created this Stardust Dinnerware set. The brushed silver look along the edges is broken up by bright silver constellations of dots, creating an asymmetrical star pattern. If you want a formal dinner set that shows off your style without seeming too fussy, this is the best option possible.


For the formal purist:

If you want your love of formal dinners to be known and talked about in reverent tones, then the Wedgewood Arris Geometric setting is for you. In china, there are few companies more loved or respected than Wedgewood. This gold-pattered set is classic, dressy, and detailed. You cannot go wrong here!