5 Best Shoe Options for Your Wedding

Nyk + Cali Photography

Nyk + Cali Photography

Shoes! Who doesn't love to buy a new pair of shoes? Luckily, getting married means you have a great reason to do just that! Below are 5 of the best shoe styles for a wedding here at The Hermitage. You'll be taking amazing photos across the grounds, wandering around the historic Mansion, and eventually walking down the aisle! These five ideas take all that movement and uneven ground into consideration.

1. Sparkly Flats

Whimsey Photography

Whimsey Photography

Flats are a great comfort option if you know that your feet tend to get sore easily or if you're a little wobbly on heels. Plus, the sparkles make them feel extra fancy, and they'll be comfortable enough for you to dance the night away.


2. Cowboy Boots

cowboy boot.jpg

What's more Nashville than a pair of cowboy boots? They make for easy walking, and they add that touch of Southern charm. Definitely wear them a few weeks beforehand to break them in though!


3. Wedges

Amy & Stuart Photography

Amy & Stuart Photography

Wedges are the best kind of heel when you're going to be walking and standing on different terrain. You've got lots of support and don't have to worry about your heel sinking into the grass. These romantic lace ones are gorgeous too! 


4. Colorful Shoes

wedding colors.jpg

Colorful shoes add a bit of whimsy to your wedding attire. You can wear some the colors of your wedding to tie in the whole look, or you can buy some stunning blue ones like these. Then your "something blue" is covered!


5. Sneakers

Sneakers are great for the sassiest of brides! Not just anyone is cool or brave enough to pull off a pair with a wedding dress! Not to mention, that in sneakers you'll be incredibly comfortable all night long. Here at The Hermitage, the sneakers pictured above are perhaps your best option; they're "The Jackson" shoe from Saucony's commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. It's even got a tiny Andrew Jackson on a horse on the front!