How to do a Halloween Wedding without frightening your guests...

Ten ways to make your Halloween Wedding look FABULOUS and not FRIGHTFUL. 

1. NEVER USE TOO MUCH PUMPKIN ORANGE. If you do, you might end up looking cheesy.  

2. NEVER USE NASTY DECORATIONS! This will gross your guests out and make them want to leave before they have even sat down.

3. Use white pumpkins. This gives the look of fall and Halloween but with an elegant feel. Add some rhinestones or glitter to your pumpkins for a more glitzy theme. 

4. Using black adds a spooky yet elegant feel to any table setting. 

5. Have a couple of Halloween songs but keep the rest pretty normal. Your guests still need to feel like it is a wedding and not a Halloween party. 

6. Think of a really creative favor for your guests. It is Halloween after all! Something like a love potion, caramel apple, or a Halloween candy bar!!

7. Have a spooky signature cocktail. This is a fun way to tie in the Halloween theme!

8. Incorporating deep purples or greens are always a good idea when doing a Halloween wedding. 

9. If you want to go full goth wedding, then buy a black wedding dress. The black is stunning and rarely done. How many of your friends can say they got married on Halloween and in a black wedding dress??


10. Have fun with it!! It is Halloween after all...