Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What about a security deposit or a down payment?

Answer:  There is a $500 fully refundable security deposit due to reserve your date.  The deposit is refunded within 30 days of your event date.  All or a portion of your security deposit can be withheld due to, but not exclusive to, the following:  theft of property, intentional damage to property, excessive clean up needed or misuse of historical grounds.   

2.  Can I bring in alcohol?   

Answer:  Yes you can bring in your own alcohol.  You must have an ABC licensed bartender serving it at all times.  If you do not hire a bartender through a company or caterer, you need to provide $1 million of host liquor liability insurance.   

3.  What about vendors? 

Answer:  You must use Liberty Party Rental for your tent and rental needs, and Nashville Audio Visual for any tent and decorative lighting.  If you choose a caterer that is not preferred, there is a flat $200 fee.  We always strongly recommend you use our preferred vendors, as we can vouch for their products and professionalism.  They also know the rules and regulations of the site and generally will make your planning quite a bit easier.